• MOOC coordinators Manuel Gértrudix Barrio & Rubén Arcos Martín
  • Content written by Giorgos Triantafyllou
  • Multimedia design by Alejandro Carbonell Alcocer
  • Visual Identity by Juan Romero Luis

Tips for video verification

Information evaluation and verification 101: Source reliability, content credibility, audiovisual material checking

  • Identify and verify the original source of the content
  • Try to find more than one sources of the same video. This will allow you to verify the sources; if necessary, ask questions about the video
  • Use some of the existing databases for video verification
  • Check very carefully the details of the person that has uploaded the video, with emphasis on the date of the upload
  • Try to identify if there are other accounts, especially on social media, with the uploader’s details; if there are, what information can you extract regarding the uploader’s location, reliability and possible biases?
  • How long have the accounts affiliated with the uploader been active and with what kind of posts?
Video Verification Infography

Source: Ground views