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Ethics vs. Disinformation

Ethics and journalism for countering disinformation/misinformation

The ethical message and disinformation are undoubtly two interconnected phenomenons. This means not only that an ethical message does not disinform but also, in a related way, that when disinformation is dispersed, the messages are not ethical. This two-way relation is crucial in 21st century, as the domination of Internet and the progressively increasing access in many sources of information contributes in the fast spread of News and Fake news. Internet is a fertile ground for spreading fake news as there is no third party to check the truthfulness of the content. What the Society has to do is to get informed about the principles of the ethical message in order to be able to detect disinformation, which can affect someone’s views and attitude. The phrases above that came from experts in the field (journalists and professors of Communication) describe the core principles of ethical message. Keep them in mind when you read something!