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Harvest of the soldiers

Propaganda and disinformation in historical perspective

Islamic State has a clearly defined strategy to manipulate the Western media to serve its propaganda objectives. It seeks to enlist the media to help it disseminate its key messages. Islamic State’s media effort has a number of aims that target both sympathetic and hostile audiences. One goal is to recruit supporters. A second goal is to generate fear among its opponents, which has very specific advantages on the battlefield. A third goal is to assert its legitimacy and gain acceptance of its status as a state. (Williams, 2016) Another category of propaganda videos and infographic focuses on Islamic State’s achievements on the battlefield and presents an exaggerated sense of its strength and success. (Williams, 2016) On the occasion of the new Hijri year, ISIS’s Al-Naba' weekly published a summary of the organization’s terrorist activity over the past year. According to the infographic that was published, ISIS carried out 3,665 attacks worldwide during the year, killing and wounding 15,845 people.

Harvest of the soldiers during the year 1440

Infographic summarizing ISIS’s terrorist activity over the past year (Al-Naba’, September 5, 2019). Source: Twitter and terrorism-info


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