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The EUvsDisinfo project

Cyber/Information as a security domain. Individuals and institutions as the targets of hostile state and non-state actor activities: addressing the security challenge

The EUvsDisinfo project of the European Union External Action Service East Stratcom Task Force has an extensive database of over 7,000 disinformation cases. Some topic themes and targets of pro-Kremlin disinformation identified are recurrent. For example:

  1. The liberal EU has nazi roots and anti-Russian orientation
  2. Climate Change is in reality and hoax invented by the West to stop the economic development of competing countries
  3. Anti-Soros disinformation and conspiracy theories blame George Soros and his Open Society Foundations for all kinds of intrigues such as “plotting to destroy every European nation state and flood the continent with refugees” Soros is also a usual target of far-right populism.
  4. NATO is a threat to world peace because it has an aggressive agenda seeking confrontation with Russia.